Missing the window

Have you procrastinated past the Christmas shipping window? Or received a present from someone that you hadn’t gifted yourself? It happens.

The experts of on-demand gift delivery are here to tell you it’s never too late to gift. Digital gifts– subscriptions, services, and the like– have materially no deadlines, and physical gifts can now be gifted in the final moments. Let’s run through your options so you can throw up a buzzer-beater.

Digital gifts

Internet bytes travel faster than any courier; you could gift someone a digital purchase in the time it takes them to unwrap a present. On the other hand, digital gifts tend to be more niche and specific than physical ones, giving you less room for error. So the challenge lies less in delivery and more in selection. Do any of these suggestions fit the bill?

HelloFresh Subscription

If you haven’t seen a HelloFresh ad yet, it’s a meal subscription service. They send you ingredients– smartly packaged– along with step-by-step recipes. Someone who wants to get into cooking or try some new recipes would really appreciate a gift like this.

Gift someone HelloFresh

ClassPass Membership

ClassPass is a fitness service that gets you access to all sorts of nearby gyms and workout classes. For people who don’t have a religious workout regiment, ClassPass lets them sample at will.

Gift someone ClassPass credit

Udemy course

Udemy hosts 180,000+ online courses, from Unsupervised Deep Learning in Python to The Complete Copywriting Course : Write to Sell Like a Pro. If the person you have in mind is a lifelong learner, or has talked about wanting to master some skill, then you’ve found your gift.

Gifting someone a Udemy course

Headspace subscription

Headspace is a popular meditation app spearheaded by spearheaded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk (you’d probably recognize his voice). Headspace’s offering has recently expanded from guided meditation to include “sleep”, “move”, and “focus” programs. You can’t really go wrong by gifting someone Headspace.

Gift a Headspace subscription

Plant them a tree

Is your recipient outwardly green? Would they appreciate it if you planted a tree for them and offset their carbon footprint? Joro actually lets you do that. For example, they estimate that you contribute 55 kg of CO2 emissions on some flights from Chicago to New York. Planting a tree will offset those CO2 emissions over the course of a year which you can do right from the app.

Buy someone a carbon offset from the Joro app

Physical gifts right away

Yes I know, we’ve acknowledged it’s too late to mail someone a gift. But there’s another way to get products from your favorite retailers- Best Buy, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and REI to name a few– delivered immediately.

As long as there is an open retailer in the same area as your destination, you’re in luck. All you need to do is purchase a gift from them online or over the phone (most businesses will take a card over the phone even if they don’t advertise it). And then you can use a delivery service like Getcho to transport the gift right to your lucky subject as soon as it’s ready

You can make sure Getcho supports the route by going to their homepage and typing in the retailer address in “pickup”, and your recipient’s address (wherever they may be) in “drop-off”.

To help get the juices flowing, here are a few we’ve seen:


Here’s how you can Getcho the same-day at any REI.

Hydroflask (32 fl oz.)


REI Hidroflask

Price before delivery: $33.00

Coffee Press (backpacking + on the go)


REI Coffee Press (backpacking + on the go)

Price before delivery: $32.00

Camping hammock


REI Hammock

Price before delivery: $50.00

Best Buy

How to Getcho Best Buy, same-day

Apple AirTag (Silver)


Apple Air Tag

Price before delivery: $30

Gaming headset



Price before delivery: $40


Macy’s same-day delivery with Getcho.

Anne Klein women’s watch


Macys Watch

Price: $42

Ralph Lauren card case


RL Card Holder

Price: $40