Austin has one of the most unique and diverse cultures of any big city in the U.S. If
you’re looking for a last-second gift for someone in Austin, Getcho has you covered for
pickup and delivery.

Here are some of our favorite gifts the Lone Star State capital has to offer — and a guide
to getting local Austin gifts to your friend’s door within an hour or two!

Pastries & Treats

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is the kind of eatery that can only exist in Austin: a full-service bakery and a
beer garden (with three different locations). Locals love Easy Tiger’s baked goods,
sandwiches, and sausages. They’re all great options for birthday delivery in Austin.

How to Order

Click on the Order Curbside Now link. Enter your recipient’s address to find the neares
location and finish your order. Hang onto that order number!.

Next, use the Getcho app to schedule a curbside pick-up. Include your recipient’s name
and the order number, plus any special instructions in the notes.

Our Recs

We’re big on tangy and sweet cinnamon knots and their Bavarian-style pretzels with
queso dip.

Food & Beverages

Homeslice Pizza

Homeslice Pizza calls itself the “Queen of Pies.” It’s the local joint of choice for those
looking for authentic New York-style pizza. A 16 or 18-inch pie makes a great birthday
present for anyone who likes pizza.

How to Order

Hit the Homeslice website and click “Order Online.” Find the location closest to your
destination (the North location is usually less busy and faster). Place your order for pickup.
You’ll get an email telling you when your order will be ready. Schedule a pick-up with the
Getcho app and put the order ID and any special instructions in the notes.

Our Recs

The Plain White Pizza, featuring garlic and four kinds of cheese, is misnamed — there’s
nothing plain about it. The standard Red Pie with Sausage is also totally satisfying.

JuiceLand Austin

Juice for a last-second gift for someone in Austin? Simple and easy, yet a JuiceLand
beverage goes a long way in this Texas heat! Gourmet smoothies, cold-pressed juices,
and plant-based foods are all on the menu.

How to Order

Head to JuiceLand’s Find-a-Location page for the shop nearest your destination —
make sure it has an option to “Order Now.” Place your order and check out. On the next
page, select the “Bring My Order to My Car” option. Under “Vehicle Make,” type “Getcho
Delivery Van,” and for the color, enter “White.”

Then use your Getcho app to schedule pick-up and delivery. Put your friend’s first and
last name in the pick-up notes.

Our Recs

We’re very fond of the Honey Berry with almond milk and the coconut-based Soul Boulder.


South Congress Books

South Congress Books is a haven for rare, collectible, and vintage volumes. If your
friend is a collector of first editions or artsy books, you’ll find several amazing Austin
gifts on these shelves.

How to Order

Browse through South Congress Books’ online list of featured titles. Pick the one you’d
like to send and call 512-916-8882. Tell them the title you want and that you’re sending
someone to pick it up.

Schedule a pick-up on your Getcho app, provide the order name so we get the right
selection, and let us know any special instructions in the drop-off notes.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books has a massive selection of used, popular titles in fine condition. They are made for readers who load up on several titles in one visit — if it’s in print, they probably have it.

How to Order

Go to Half Price Books’ store-finder tool to find the location nearest to your friend’s
address. Search for the book you want or browse through the store’s staff picks. Find
items that can be picked up via curbside delivery on the same day (or whatever time
you prefer). Pick the book(s) you want and check out.

After you get the email stating your order’s ready to go, schedule a pick-up with the
Getcho app. Include the order number and name in the notes, along with any additional
instructions for delivery.

Active Apparel & Gear

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a well-known recreational clothing outlet born in Austin. They make
comfortable, fashionable apparel for active lives. Outdoor Voices is especially known for
their women’s clothing, but they have a selection for men too.

How to Order

Look through the categories on the OV website. Add the items you want and purchase
them for pick-up.

After you get the confirmation email, schedule a pick-up on the Getcho app. Remember
to put down the name so we get the right items, along with any special delivery

Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

Owned by local boy Lance Armstrong, Mellow Johnny’s is a bike shop full of everything
the modern cyclist needs, from safety equipment and apparel to the wheels themselves.
It also has an in-house café, Juan Pelota. T-shirts bearing Mellow Johnny’s or Juan
Pelota imagery are iconic local Austin gifts — even for non-bikers.

How to Order

Hit the T-Shirts, Accessories, or Sale pages on the MJ website. Find your gift and buy it
for pick-up at the Austin store. Next, use your Getcho app to schedule a pick-up,
including the order name in the notes!