Can’t figure out what to get for that entrepreneurial acquaintance? Looking for something that’s meaningful but not tacky, practical but not utilitarian, valuable but not too expensive?

Look no further– Gift Delivery has done the research and compiled a list of the most appreciated gifts for entrepreneurs. Our suggestions span technical and non-technical, budding and veteran entrepreneurs. The least-expensive item in our list is $10 while the most expensive is $299.

Let’s start with the fledgeling entrepreneurs.

Gifts for budding entrepreneurs

If your friend or loved one is relatively fresh in their entrepreneurial career, you’re in luck. They could benefit from all sorts of tools and content that will boost their standing.

Gifts for any type of entrepreneur

Gift ideas here apply to non-technical as well as technical entrepreneurs.

Actually useful business books [economical, general]

Many business books rightfully have a bad name. Luckily, our friends in the industry have curated the most useful books in entrepreneurship so you don’t have to worry about gifting a dud.

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder (10/10)

The famed BMG book packs actionable and fruitful instruction on how to create a business plan, how to analyze an industry, and how to effectively brainstorm. Frankly, anyone remotely tangential to entrepreneurship can gain from BMG.

BMG Gift


Price: $22

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth By Gabriel Weinberg (9/10)

This one slides under the radar a bit considering its level of insight. Traction outlines the viable marketing channels of today; it proves instrumental for folks trying to break into an industry, obtain users, or find customers.

Traction Gift


Price: $18

The Science of Selling by David Hoffield

Hoffield’s compilation of sales techniques and

Science of Selling Gift


Price: $17

The Lean Startup by Eric Reis

Considered by some “the bible of entrepreneurship”, The Lean Startup is mandatory read for new founders. This classic divulges the secrets of starting a business, fast.

The Lean Startup Gift


Aqua Notes [economical, fun]

For eccentric visionaries full of great ideas, Aqua Notes offer a place of record for fleeting moments of brilliance (in the shower). Gifting someone aqua notes is tantamount to saying “you have the best ideas”.

Aqua Notes Gifts


Price: $9.25

Large whiteboard [reasonable, practical]

Textbook. We won’t include a link or a price tag since whiteboards have quite a bit of diversity. Founders tell us that 3×2 feet (36″x24″) is the gold standard. Target has a nice selection + same day delivery.

Whiteboard Gift

Tech entrepreneur gifts

Is your acquaintance or loved-one interested in software & tech?

Launching an app

For the folks intent on launching that app in 2022, here are our best recommendations. mentorship package [consultation, generous]

Folks launching their first app have a lot of traps to avoid: developer traps, technical traps, and marketing traps. One of the most thoughtful presents you can get for a fresh tech entrepreneur is a consultation with folks who have launched dozens of apps.

Strategy Session Gift

This $100 present might be worth many multiples of that. Oh, and the promo code CHRISTMASOFFER will save you $20 off.

Gift: App MVP consultation & strategy report

Price: $100 $80

SaaS Pegasus software-as-a-service starter kit [technical, generous]

Someone that’s about to get their hands dirty with code might benefit immensely from SaaS Pegasus’s starter-kit. If your entrepreneur plans to develop a platform that involves user-signup, paid-subscriptions, or team-packages, SaaS Pegasus ships an app starter-pack that comes with all of that, batteries included.

For reference, these things typically cost thousands to develop from scratch, so if you know an aspiring founder intent on building an app, SaaS Pegasus is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can gift.

Price: $299 $269 with the promo code giftdelivery


Presents for established entrepreneurs

We threw in two great options for people already established with a startup, though the Aqua Notes and whiteboard also fit the bill.

Crunchbase pro subscription [reasonable, subscription]

The vets of the startup game seem to love sizing up their colleagues and competitors. Crunchbase is the authority source on startup financials and news. The pro-plan enables company monitoring as well as VIP data access. If your recipient is always talking about startups, then get them a month of the pro-plan!

Price: $29


Company T-shirts

Custom-branded T-shirts are a slam dunk of a gift for someone who started a company relatively recently. Gear is the gift that keeps on giving since the wearer is a walking advertisement. Vistaprint is our go-to for custom-branded apparel.

Business Shirts

Price: $11.99 per cotton shirt, $16.99 per dry fit